10 Powerful Prayers For Hope and Miracles

40 Powerful Bible Verses About Prayer The Power Of Praying

Walking with the Lord means you are ready to receive a miracle at any point in time. These powerful prayers for hope and miracles to happen will offer you the perfect encouragement to be ready to receive your blessings from the Lord. God is Able Prayer Dear Lord, I thank you that you are able … Read more

Powerful Prophetic Prayer Points 2020

Prophetic Prayer Points 2020

This is a new month, and its time for prophetic prayer points for this month in 2020. Each of these prayer points are for you to make a declaration over your life, over your circumstances. And as you declare these words, the Lord God will answer your requests. More bible verses: 25 Powerful Bible Verses … Read more

8 Powerful Prayer For Peace

Powerful Prayer For Peace

This is a powerful prayer for peace for anyone who needs peace in their heart. You may be going through tough times, and do not know how to overcome difficult times like this. Turn to God in prayer and constantly feed your mind with his word. More bible verses: 40 Powerful Bible Verses About Happiness … Read more